On the right track

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has come up with a report on implementation status of various Centre and State level schemes (here) for 1,00,000 MW solar capacity plan by FY 22. The report provides insights into commissioning status of projects in FY 16 and FY 17 as well as expected tenders in the coming years. Some of the key takeaways of the report are as follows:

  • 4,262 MW of solar capacity has been cumulatively commissioned in various states as on 18th September 2015.
  • 518 MW i.e. ~12% of total installed capacity has been commissioned in first 6 months of FY 16 alone.
  • Additional 4,345 MW of solar capacity is expected to be commissioned by the end of FY 16 (way above the targeted 1,800 MW and equivalent to what has been commissioned in the last 4 years!!!)


  • Tenders for ~17,667 MW to be issued and ~10859 MW to be commissioned in FY 17
    • Centre Government: Tenders for ~13,702 MW; 9,244 MW of projects to be commissioned.
    • State Government: Tenders for ~3,965 MW; 1,615 MW to be commissioned in FY 17.

Hence, India’s installed capacity will reach ~19500 MW by the end of FY 17 as compared to the targeted capacity of 12,743 MW (here).


The Government has been proactively pursuing the mammoth 100 GW solar target with full zeal. Even, assuming a 10% reduction in expected commissioning targets due to unforeseen circumstances, the country seems to be on track to achieve its solar targets for initial couple of years. However, the momentum gained from this initial push needs to be maintained if we need to achieve the herculean task of adding 100 GW of solar by FY 22.

Michael Korda once said, “One way to keep momentum is to have constantly greater goals”. Well, we have greater goals to pursue and the momentum seems to be there, so lets see how high we can go.

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