Commercial & Industrial

Immediate Savings

As a corporate asset, commercial & industrial solar provides green electricity at a fixed price that is significantly less expensive than traditional brown energy. This instantly reduces current energy expenditures.

Energy Pricing Security

Energy market volatility can expose your company to unnecessary financial risks. Solar energy from a dependable contracted source to protect profits from future energy price spikes.

Direct Connection

Solar energy connects your company directly to a specific sustainable energy source on or near your facilities to promote strong communication and “good neighbour” public relations with the surrounding area

High-Quality Energy

Contracted agreements ensure delivery of the highest quality clean energy that helps to create new sources of green power on the grid. The renewable attributes of these contracts are also applied to your company’s power consumption in the same year the energy was generated to significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Long-Term Contracts

Extended power purchase agreements (PPAs) provide both parties with financial certainty through the purchase of clean energy from specific facilities. These agreements also reinforce your corporate leadership and support the development of new, clean energy sources on the grid.